New State Report Chronicles Investment, Progress On California Water Infrastructure

By January 27, 2017Latest news

In 2016 Governor Jerry Brown’s administration took a number of significant steps to better improve the state’s water delivery, storage, and conservation efforts and made significant investment in the state’s water infrastructure. Such progress has been chronicled in the California Water Action Plan Implementation Report that was recently released. The report was completed by the California Natural Resources Agency in coordination with the California Environmental Protection Agency, and California Department of Food and Agriculture.

According to the report, important achievements in the past year includes heavy investment in the “sustainability of water supplies and more sophisticated conservation measures.” This includes hundreds of millions of dollars in state bond funds which were distributed to local agencies, many of which completed projects such as “water recycling installation of more efficient irrigation technology on farms, and many other projects”, the report stated.

Finally, another notable 2016 achievement was the California Water Commission’s adoption of regulations that will govern how more than $2 billion in Proposition 1 funds will be invested in groundwater and surface water storage projects. The regulations were developed with the important input of diverse stakeholders and interested parties all over the state, and each potentially eligible project will be required to supply specific public benefits such as recreation, water quality improvements, or flood protection.

In summary, the report provides specific progress reports on each of the action items that are part of the administration’s California Water Action Plan. To read about the progress of each Action in 2016, you can access the full report here and the pages of specific corresponding Action sections can be found below:

  • Action 1 – Making Water Conservation a California Way of Life (pg 4)
  • Action 2 – Regional Self-Reliance and Integrated Water Management Across All Levels of Government (pg 5)
  • Action 3 – Achieve the Co-Equal Goals for the Delta (pg 6)
  • Action 4 – Protect and Restore Important Ecosystems (pg 7)
  • Action 5 – Manage and Prepare for Dry Periods (pg 8)
  • Action 6 – Expand Water Storage Capacity and Improve Groundwater Management (pg 9)
  • Action 7 – Provide Safe Water for All Communities (pg 10)
  • Action 8 – Increase Flood Protection (pg 11)
  • Action 9 – Increase Operational and Regulatory Efficiency (pg 12)
  • Action 10 – Identify Sustainable and Integrated Financing Opportunities (pg 13)

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