Water is the cornerstone of California’s economy, and supply reliability is vital to maintaining our way of life and maintaining the environment in which we live.

With California being a drought-prone state with fixed water storage capacity, water policy in the past has mainly focused on conservation, recycling and redistribution. What has become crystal clear through our recent historic drought years is that California cannot plan for future economic and anticipated population growth without a cohesive statewide plan for water supply reliability.

ACEC California’s engineers can play a vital role in executing such a comprehensive plan that would expand water storage sites, improve delivery, safeguard the Delta’s fresh water supplies, and continue developing innovative conservation and recycling projects.

That is why ACEC California has joined Californians for Water Security– a strong and diverse coalition of family farmers, business groups, labor, local government, public safety advocates, conservationists, taxpayer groups and citizens.

Californians for Water Security – Improving the State’s Water System, Protecting the Environment

The majority of the water supply for Northern, Central, and Southern California comes from the Sierra Nevada and passes through the Bay-Delta.

The current Bay-Delta and California Aqueduct water distribution system does not allow for the efficient management of the seasonal rainfall, nor does the current system adequately protect the fragile Bay-Delta ecosystem. California also cannot respond quickly to a natural or man-made disaster affecting our water supply or Delta ecosystem, such as widespread levee failure due to an earthquake.

Californians for Water Security supports:

  • Governor Newsom’s plan for a single pipeline conveyance system through the Delta.
  • Ensuring that the single pipeline is designed to carry enough capacity to provide ample water security for homes, farms, and businesses and to ensure that the project is financially viable.