California’s transportation corridors serve 39 million residents, 27 million of which drive 200 billion miles annually throughout the state. Not only do commuters access and use the state’s roads, bridges and highways, these corridors also move billions of dollars worth of goods annually – supporting more than 5 million jobs. Investing in and maintaining our transportation corridors is essential to the state’s domestic and international commerce and the success of California’s economy.

It is California’s engineers that have designed the state’s roads, bridges, and highways to connect residents and ensure the success of industry commerce throughout the state.

To deliver these projects to the public efficiently and successfully, ACEC California’s members know that specific public policies that fund, maintain and expand our transportation system are good for the taxpayer, good for business, and good for the state.

That is why ACEC California worked within a broad coalition and independently raised critically needed funds, playing a lead role in the defeat of Proposition 6 – the 2018 state ballot initiative that would have revoked billions of dollars of state transportation funding.