(Pictured above: North Torrey Pines Road Bridge Seismic Retrofit in Del Mar, CA)

Experts believe that California will most likely experience its next massive seismic event in the near future. Given the state’s history of large earthquakes, the government has appropriately prioritized seismic preparation through the lens of emergency response and the preservation of the life and health of California residents. Such efforts have included strengthening the state’s building code and conducting mass public seismic preparation exercises to minimize the risk of injury and damage.

It is now time for policymakers, governments, and nonprofit organizations to examine how California can continue its efforts on seismic preparedness to include creating more resilient structures and systems so that both community and wider economic disruption is minimized, and recovery becomes more efficient and less costly.

Cities must take action to identify potentially vulnerable buildings and institute different seismic retrofit programs to bring older buildings up to newer building code standards.

California’s infrastructure is or should be built with a focus on ensuring that structures and systems can quickly be restored to functionality following a large seismic event.

Life on the Pacific Rim: Should California Build Towards Seismic Resilience?